Community-Engaged Health and Nursing Research

We work with communities to achieve shared goals of addressing health needs, building capacity and promoting improved health outcomes. Our research aims to be responsive, respectful and inclusive.

Faculty members involved in Community-Engaged Health and Nursing Research include:

Dr. Angela Bowen - I work with Indigenous mothers, communities and leadership to create culturally safe birth experiences.

Dr. Anthony de Padua - I engage with communities to better understand the realities that individuals living with HIV and homelessness face.

Dr. Lorraine Holtslander - Based on my clinical work as a palliative home care nurse, my research in this area is focused on family caregivers, and how the experience of caregiving impacts grief and bereavement.

Dr. Gerri Lasiuk - My current research explores women's experience of perinatal loss; the impact of stress, genetic and environmental factors; and the implications for their physical and mental health. These findings will inform the development of a learning resource for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Geoffrey Maina - I work with community partners in Northern Saskatchewan to identify and respond to HIV, substance use and addiction challenges facing these communities.

Dr. Wanda Martin - My work with community partners is on food systems and how to create resilient communities in the context of a changing climate. This includes urban agriculture and defining the social return on investment of public health programs.

Dr. Brenda Mishak - My current areas of research include correctional nursing, homelessness, and family violence. My goal is to improve access to health care services for marginalized peoples.

Dr. Shelley Peacock - My current work is in the area of older adults living with dementia and their family carers. My research involves partnering with community organizations to improve the support for family carers, including those who have a relative living in a long-term care home or those who are bereaved.    

Dr. Donna Rennie - My current work focuses on identifying personal and household-level factors that are linked to developing asthma and asthma symptoms in children in rural and international settings.

Dr. Shelley Spurr - I engage with schools as partners to promote health and wellness in their community. My research emphasizes holistic care including promotion of oral health, physical activity and healthy body weights. In addition, I am currently working with community partners to develop a diabetes prevention program for adolescents.

Students involved in Innovations in Health Systems and Education Research include:

Margie Burns - Based on my work as an Intensive Care Nurse in rural Canada, my research focuses on the additional burden family members face when a critically ill patient requires a transfer to a distant tertiary care centre for advanced critical care services.

Virginia Deobald - My current research is focused within rural communities. Using qualitative methods my goal is to provide insight into the rural perspective of caring for those living with dementia in long term care facilities.

Pamela Farthing - I am interested in gaining an understanding of the experiences of interdependence for adolescents with type 1 diabetes in order to help them, their families and health care practitioners better manage this chronic disease.

Amber Gilberto - One of my key areas of focus is enhancing the transition success of the CAF and RCMP veterans from Operational Stress Injury Clinics into the community. Future clinical-community transition initiatives are anticipated to be of impact in both the clinical and the research field of nursing.

Sharleen Jahner - My goal is to identify the meanings, experiences, and social processes of the psychological impact on rural nurses who care for others who have experienced a traumatic event in the community they live and work.

April Mackey – My current area of research focuses on the use of technology to support capacity building and empowerment of women in communities.

Connie Myles - My goal is to determine the variables required for a family of four to fully sustain adequate nutrition for optimal health using a backyard garden.

Agatha Ogunkorode - My current area of research explores the health-seeking behaviors of women with the advanced stages of breast cancer in Southwestern Nigeria. My long-term goal is to make a contribution towards the provision of comprehensive and culturally appropriate management of breast cancer to women in developing countries.

Gloria Udoh - My goal is to discover various ways that the caregivers of palliative care clients can ask questions so that nurses can provide structured, high-quality care to meet their needs and reduce caregiver burden.

Lindsey Vold - My goal is to work with community partners to find opportunities to mutually create pathways to improve health. My research aims to be participatory and action orientated so communities and researchers can co-create sustainable and successful interventions.