Alumni Welcome

Welcome alumni and friends!

Proud and grateful - words I often hear from nursing alumni when referring to their alma mater, the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). No matter where their U of S nursing degree has taken them - Hawaii, Germany, USA, or China, the comments are the same. There is a strong sense of connectedness among nursing alumni, which seems to stem from pride in their profession and gratitude towards U of S for providing their education.

I have had the opportunity to meet many alumni since I joined the College of Nursing in 2008. Listening to hundreds of stories about the journey of U of S nurses after graduation has given me a profound respect for the profession and for everyone who supports it. Regardless of the direction of the journey, there are many commonalities I’ve come to recognize. Here are just a few:

  • U of S nursing alumni are critical thinkers, problem solvers and highly resourceful
  • Nursing in the 1950’s and 1960’s was very different than nursing today, although many concepts and foci remain the same
  • The idea of using innovation to create efficiencies and improve care comes naturally to alumni, and is not a new concept
  • Making the world a better place is often stated as their reason for entering nursing.

I invite you to explore the pages in this alumni section. You will find information about reunions, scholarship winners, alumni benefits, pictures and much more!

Thank you for creating and carrying the College’s great reputation among nursing colleges/schools. Thank you for the kindness you show us when we visit your community.

Anna Pacik, BAC, CFRE
College Relations Officer