HESI Exit Exams

The College of Nursing would like all graduates to be successful in their first writing of the NCLEX-RN licensure exam. Research has shown that a high score (900) on the HESI exit exams is a strong predictor (97% accuracy) of success for first time writers of the NCLEX-RN exam.

Based on the current NCLEX-RN blueprint, the HESI exit exams (E1 & E2) will offer fourth year students an opportunity to test their knowledge and receive a remediation plan. The remediation plan is based on personal test results and individualized to support areas for improvement. Remediation is multimodal and tagged directly to the consistent and reliable content found in Elsevier textbooks. The exit exams have approximately 150 questions and are 3 hours in length.

Similar to NCLEX-RN, the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) provides tailored item selection which is based on personal performance on the previous item, creating an individualized testing experience. The CAT is meant to be completed as an experiential exam. If you wish to go through the remediation process then you should complete at least one of the exit exams.

In 2019, the college is providing the HESI exams to the graduating class at no cost, and while not mandatory, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Passing the NCLEX-RN on the first writing has many advantages to both you and your future employer. The results of these exams will not impact your grades nor your standing in the BSN program.

Be Prepared

The E2 and CAT HESI Exams are quickly approaching, please ensure you are prepared to write your exams:
  • If you missed the E1 exam you are still able to write the E2 and CAT exams.
  • If you have taken the E1 exam it is recommended that you remediate prior to taking the CAT.
  • You may complete the CAT without completing either or both of the Exit exams but you will not be able to complete remediation.
  • Register for HESI Student Access on Evolve and know your Evolve username and password
  • Bring earbuds or headphones for audio based questions
  • No drinks (including water), no food, no paper and no cell phones allowed during the exam
  • Students may use the built-in tools of the HESI exam, including EKG ruler and calculator

Sign Up

Prince Albert
La Ronge
Please contact Bonnie Kraska at bonnie.kraska@usask.ca to confirm your seat.
Please contact Bonnie Kraska at bonnie.kraska@usask.ca to confirm your seat.


Remediation is available through the Evolve website. Remediation allows the student to develop a plan on how best to prepare for the NCLEX exam. 

Remediation for the E1 exam is available for students. Remediation for the E2 exam will be available starting the week of May 6th, 2019.


  • Log into your Evolve Account using your Username and Password
  • Under My Evolve > HESI Assessment, select “Student Access”
  • Under My Exams > Exam History, select the “View Results” link to access Detailed Scoring Reports and Remediation Review Materials
  • The selected exam summary screen shows the HESI Score, Class Average, Conversion Score, and percentile, provides a link to “View Your Detailed Scoring Report” includes a summary view of Scores, Recommended Scores, # of Questions Correct, and links to view Materials by Specialty Area
  • Click the “+” located to the left of the Specialty Area to view content areas
  • Select “View Materials” under the Review Materials column – a new screen will appear
  • The Review Materials screen includes content review & practice questions for items missed on the exam
  • Select a link under Content to view remediation material
  • Easy to follow Instructions are also available in visual format.

Remediation Planning Tool has been developed which may also assist the student with their Remediation.


  • March 2019: Self-study based on E1 remediation plan
  • April 2019: E2 and CAT (Sign up available mid-March)
  • Week of May 6th, 2019: Remediation of E2 will be made available.

If you would like more information on the HESI exit exam and CAT, please visit the Evolve website.

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