Local Presence - Global Relevance

Through education and research, the College of Nursing strives to develop a nursing workforce and health care system that improves and supports the health of all of its clients, as reflected in the College's central principles of culture, diversity, community, social justice, equity, inclusiveness and respect.

As part of our global health framework, we seek to:

  • build cultural competence and global citizenship in our students
  • provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for international students, new Canadians and students of diverse backgrounds and belief systems
  • integrate culturally diverse concepts and approaches to health and well-being respectfully and appropriately throughout our curricula
  • provide immersive cultural experiences for all of our students, through course work, clinical placements and learning exchanges
  • benefit from and contribute to global nursing and health research networks, with a strategic focus on rural, remote, northern and indigenous partnerships
  • promote the optimal well-being of all human beings considered from an individual and collective focus.