Vision, Mission and Values


The College of Nursing is a world leader in educating nurses in interprofessional health care, research, practice, innovation, capacity building and policy development.


As University nursing faculty in Saskatchewan, the College of Nursing strengthens nursing, health and the health care system through the creation and integration of knowledge from research, education and practice.

We Value

Integrity - We believe in being open and honest, in keeping our commitments, in taking responsibility for our lives and learning, and in operating in a transparent manner.

Social Justice - We believe in the value of human life, the inherent worth of the individual, the right of each individual to the attainment of a high standard of health and will work with communities to achieve these rights.

Unconditional Positive Regard - We believe that each person has a right to be treated with respect regardless of his or her life circumstances or culture.

Achieving Potential - We believe that life-long learning, risk taking and advancing our knowledge base leads the way for empowerment.