About the College

Philosophy Statement

Nursing is a respected and caring human endeavor; a distinct health profession; and an applied discipline based on nursing and related theories. Nursing is dedicated to the purposeful, collaborative relationship with individuals, families and communities that enables the acquisition, organization and use of nursing and other related resources that people need to optimize their health experiences within complex, diverse, and dynamic environments.

Embedded in a research-intensive Canadian university, the College of Nursing is situated on the territory of Treaties 4, 6, 10, and the homeland of the Métis. The College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, believes the discovery, advancement, and transmission of nursing knowledge is achieved through the integration of teaching, research/scholarship, evidence informed practice and service. Learning is the process of co-creating meaning that transforms experiences into shared knowledge. We value diversity, social justice and ethical practice. We foster collaboration through primary healthcare, practical innovations and technology mediated solutions, with specific consideration of the needs of rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.

The College of Nursing and our graduates are leaders in engaging individuals, families, communities, policy makers, other health professions and disciplines, and other stakeholders to provide safe, competent care that maximizes the potential of people and health systems. Through these combined efforts, we create, support, and share equitable and sustainable solutions that improve health experiences and measurable outcomes. Solutions have local, national, and international relevance.

Approved by the College of Nursing Faculty Council, April 10, 2017