Clinical practice education is an integral part of a nursing program. Clinical placements occur in a variety of settings, and may vary each term depending on availability. Although students will not have the exact same clinical experience, each clinical setting will provide a unique opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practice setting.

Placement Information

There are opportunities for clinical placements in a variety of geographic regions throughout Saskatchewan. We do not provide a list of these potential placements, as new opportunities are developed on an ongoing basis.  For descriptions of the regional health authorities to consider for your placement, please visit the Government of Saskatchewan website.

College of Nursing students are often required to complete a rural and/or remote placement as part of their clinical practice. An example of a remote placement in Manitoba has been described in an interview with students found here. A research project with fourth year nursing students documents their experience of a rural placement here.

The College of Nursing uses the Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPNet) to manage all clinical placements. Learn more about HSPNet here.

All placements are arranged by College of Nursing clinical coordinators. Please DO NOT contact the agencies directly to inquire about clinical placement opportunities. For detailed information about particular placements, please contact the clinical coordinator at your site.