Scholarly Writing

Scholarly Writing

The following list of resources is provided to assist students in writing scholarly papers and in determining what is meant by the term scholarly references. You are encouraged to also check with the library at your campus for additional resources.

University of Saskatchewan Resources

University of Saskatchewan Learning Commons Assignment Planner

  • Input the start date and due date for your paper and you will be given a timeline for completing each step in the research and writing process. Links are provided to online resources and guides to support the activities in each step.

University Learning Centre Writing Help

  • Find information on drop-in tutoring, online tutoring and resources, writing help videos, as well as information about writing workshops on essay-writing, punctuation, grammar, organization, thesis statements and clarity.

Nursing LibGuide

  • Visit the ‘Get Help' tab and section called 'Get Writing Help - Just for Nurses!' that provides a list of print and electronic books available at the U of S Library.

Citation Style Guides

  • Visit this site for anything related to citation, in particular, visit the ‘APA Style' and ‘Why to Cite Sources: Academic Honesty & Plagiarism' tabs.

Learning How to Write to Avoid Plagiarism

Information on Scholarly Writing

Information on Scholarly References

Additional APA Resources for Students

The following APA resources and examples have been prepared by Arlene Kent-Wilkinson RN, PhD, specifically for students in our graduate programs. Undergraduate students may also find them helpful.