The College of Nursing offers three programs leading to the Master of Nursing (MN) degree: Course-Based, Thesis and Nurse Practitioner (NP). 

A student completing the Course-Based or Thesis MN program will be able to:

  • articulate perspectives on nursing
  • critique, utilize and contribute to theoretical and empirical knowledge bases for nursing
  • develop, implement and evaluate strategies for advanced nursing practice at the client and system level; and
  • demonstrate leadership skills needed to influence change.

Graduates will be able to assume:

  • leadership/advanced practice roles in health care
  • educator roles in service and educational institutions
  • research roles in terms of generation and utilization of nursing knowledge; and
  • further study at the doctoral level.

The Master of Nursing programs prepare nurses with advanced clinical knowledge and expertise.

Course-Based Master's Program

Course-based students are required to take 27 credits units of coursework. Courses are designed so students can complete them in less than two calendar years and are delivered using a combination of synchronous or asynchronous distance learning within North America.

Thesis Master's Program

Thesis students are required to take 15 credit units of coursework, in addition to their thesis. Courses are designed so students can complete them in one calendar year.