Alumni and Friends


2013-2014 was an exciting time in the College of Nursing as we celebrated our 75th Anniversary. To mark this special occasion, we organized 2013 kick-off events in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Yorkton, followed by northern events in February 2014.  Celebrations concluded with a weekend of festivities May 22 – 24th in Saskatoon.

Not only was this a time to celebrate the College, it was also an opportunity to recognize our Alumni. At the May Gala, we celebrated the recipients of our Alumni of Influence Awards.

Interested in organizing a class reunion? Don't know where to start? No need to wait 30 or 40 years. We can help you get started today. The College of Nursing alumni relations team is available to help you reconnect with your classmates and your college.

Our offerings:

  • Connect with your classmates; we’ll send a message on your behalf.
  • Find “lost” classmates.
  • Provide College gifts for each attendee.
  • Host a visit with the Dean of Nursing.
  • Arrange a tour of the College of Nursing.
  • Suggest hotels and venues.

College of Nursing Reunion Ideas 2020

Contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information.

Each year the College receives requests from alumni to host a reunion visit on campus in Saskatoon. Since the U of S has discontinued its annual Honoured Year's Reunion, the College has offered its support to our alumni. Typically alumni are treated to a continental breakfast with the Dean of Nursing on a Friday morning and then given a guided tour of the new Health Science Building.

Contact us if you are interested in organizing a class reunion at the College.

Year Representative
1959 Diploma Nurses Sylvia Acton
1960 Diploma Nurses Verna Larson
1968 BSN Linda Hughes
1969 BSN Gail Bisset
1976 BSN Lorna Stevens
1960 Diploma Class Eileen Harvey or Verna Larson
1961 Diploma Class Gail Laing
1962 Diploma Class Reita Palmer
1962 Degree Class Margery French
1963 Diploma Class Barb Morrall or Jean Richardson
1964 Degree Class Carolyn Keegan
1965 Degree Class Merle Kisby
1966 Diploma Class Addie Tokarchuk, Virginia Shyluk or Norma Stewart
1967 Degree Class Diana Ermel
1968 Degree Class Elaine Maksymiuk or Linda Hughes
1968 Diploma Class Pat Wirth
1969 Degree Class Gail Bissett or Jean Burton
1970 Degree Class Donna Brunskill
1971 Degree Class Ardene Vollman
1975 Degree Class Darlene Scott
1976 Degree Class Lorna Stevens
1978 Degree Class Marion Federko
1980 Degree Class Brenda Canitz
1984 Degree Class Rose Schroeder
1988 Degree Class Glenna Sparks
1989 Degree Class Jo Ritchie or Lillian Ponting
1991 Degree Class Darcy Dillman
1994 Degree Class Janice Seebach

Contact your class representative listed above for information about upcoming reunions. If you do not see your class represented here and are interested in representing your class, please contact us.