Picture of  Marcella Ogenchuk

Marcella Ogenchuk BSN, MN, PhD Associate Professor - On Sabbatical Leave (Jan 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023)

E4226 Health Sciences, Saskatoon


Alcohol Education Resources

Research Interests

  • Pediatric health
  • Alcohol prevention education


  • Qualitative


Spurr, S., Bally, J., & Ogenchuk, M. J. (2015, April). Integrating Oral Health into Pediatric Nursing Practice: Caring For Kids Where They Live. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 20(2), 105-114.

Preston, J., Ogenchuk, M., & Nsiah, J. (2014). Peer Mentorship and Transformational Learning: PhD Student Experiences. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 44(1), 52-68.

Ogenchuk, M., Spurr, S., & Bally, J. (2013, December). Caring for Kids Where they Live: Interprofessional Collaboration in Teaching and Learning in School Settings. Nurse Education in Practice.


Grants, Awarded (Peer-Reviewed)

Holt NL (Co-principal Investigator), Cairney J (Co-principal Investigator), Robeson P (Co-investigator), Camire M (Co-investigator), Kwan M (Co-investigator), Ogenchuk M (Co-investigator), MacDonald D (Co-investigator), Scherer J (Co-investigator). Sport Participation and Alcohol Use, Letter of Intent CIHR, Advancing Research to Improve Boys' and Men's Health Team Grant. Total: $9,740.00 for 2014 to 2015

Thompson C (Collaborator), Topola L (Collaborator), Clark M (Collaborator), Hayes A (Collaborator), Ogenchuk M (Collaborator), Gray J (Collaborator), Hilldebrandt K (Collaborator). Maternal Oral Health Social Marketing Project, This project is focused on improving the oral health of pregnant women. Saskatoon Health Region Community Grant Program. Total: $5,000.00 for 2013-06 to 2015

Ogenchuk M (Principal Investigator), Hellsten-Bzovey L (Co-principal Investigator), Prytula M (Co-investigator). Examining the Efficacy of an On-Line Alcohol Intervention Project for Adolescents, RBC Nurses for Kids Community Development Program Operating Grant. Total: $49,895.00 for 2013-03 to 2015-01

Grants, Awarded (Non-Peer-Reviewed)

Ogenchuk M (Collaborator), Vangool J (Collaborator). St. Frances Partnership Plan, Application was awarded to St. Frances school nursing program to support nursing activities in the school based on previous years work. Greater Saskatoon Catholic School System. Total: $500.00 for 2013-09 to 2014-06

Spurr S (Principal Investigator), Bally J (Co-investigator), Ogenchuk M (Co-investigator). Pediatric oral health: An essential component of nursing education, College of Nursing. Total: $5,000.00 for 2013 to 2014

Ogenchuk M (Principal Investigator). Caring for Kids Where They Live, Program Evaluation G. Fink. Total: $5,000.00 for 2012-10 to 2013-06

Ogenchuk M (Collaborator), Vangool J (Collaborator). St. Frances Partnership Plan, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School System. Total: $500.00 for 2012-09 to 2013-06