Picture of  Geoffrey Maina

Geoffrey Maina RN, BScN, MN, PhD Assistant Professor

173 - 1061 Central Avenue Prince Albert


Dr. Geoffrey Maina is an Assistant Professor at the Prince Albert Campus of the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. His program of research focuses on interventions with an emphasis on HIV prevention and care, (i.e., on harm reduction, stigma reduction, and peer interventions, both locally and globally; and on improving clinical and social outcomes for clients and families affected by addiction). Dr. Maina uses diverse community-based research methodologies that employ qualitative research methods such as narrative inquiry, art-based methods, and methodologies that honour lived experiences such as patient-oriented research.  He is keen to support undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in research on HIV, substance use, and addiction.


Papers in Referred Journals

2017 Maina, G., Mishak, B., de Padua, A., Strudwick, G., Docabo, A., & Tahir, H. (2017). Nurses Taking the Lead: A Community Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Forum on Substance Abuse and Addiction in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 30(4), 80-92.

2017 Kushwaha, S., Lalani, Y., Maina, G., Ogubajo, A., Wilton, L., Agyaro-Poku, T., ... Nelson, L. R. (2017). But the moment they find out that you are MSM…”: a qualitative investigation of HIV prevention experiences among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Ghana’s health care system. BMC Public Health, 17(770), 1-18. DOI: 10.1186/s12889-017-4799-1.

2018-01 Maina, G., Strudwick, G., Yasmin, L., Boakye, F., Wilton, L., & Nelson, L. R. (2018, January). Characterizing the Structure and Functions of Social Networks of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Ghana, West Africa: Implications for PeerBased HIV Prevention. Journal of Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 29(1), 70-82. DOI: 10.1016/j.jana.2017.07.005 .

2016-12 Maina, G., Caine, V., Mill, J., & Wimmer, R. (2016, December). Exploring the meaning of living with HIV as a chronic illness in Kenya: A narrative inquiry. Communication & Medicine, 13(2), 215-226. 10.1558/cam.27949.

2015 Caine, V., Mill, J., O'Brien, K., Solomon, K., Dykeman, M., Gahagan, J., ... Chaw-Kant, J. (2015). Implementing a community-based nurse mentorship intervention in HIV care: Strengths, challenges and recommendations for future education and practice. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (JANAC), 27(3), 274-284. doi:10.1016/j.jana.2015.11.001.

2015 Maina, G., Mill, J., Chaw-Kant, J., & Caine, V. (2015). A Systematic Review of Best Practices in HIV Care. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 15(1), 114-126. DOI: 10.1080/15381501.2015.1116037.

2014 Mill, J., Caine, V., Arneson, C., Maina, G., de Padua, A., & Dykeman, M. (2014). Past Experiences, current realities and future possibilities for HIV nursing education and care in Canada. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 4(5), 183-198.

2013 Marete, I. K., Osiemo-Lagat, Z., Sirnba, J. M., Obala, A.I., Muriithi (Maina), G. M., Chumba, J. C., & Mutugi, J. M. (2013). Utilization of laboratory services in management of febrile children at a referral hospital in Kenya: A Clinician's view. Kenya Journal of Health Sciences, 2, 12-17.

2013 Maina, G., & Caine, V. (2013). Resisting Occupational Gender Stereotypes: Experiences of Taxi Women Conductors in Kenya. Gender & Behaviour, 11(2), 5546-5555.

2013 Maina, G., Sutankayo, L., Chorney, R., & Caine, V. (2013). Living with and Teaching about HIV: Engaging nursing students through body mapping. Nursing Education Today, 34, 643-647.


Grants, Awarded (Peer-Reviewed)

Maina G (Principal Investigator), Ogenchuk M (Coprincipal Investigator), Caine V (Co-investigator), Deichert B (Co-investigator), Hazelwood J (Coinvestigator), Garinger M (Co-investigator), Brooks D (Co-investigator), Woods S (Co-investigator), Bratvold R (Co-investigator), Gaudent D (Co-investigator), Bird E (Co-investigator). Exploring the needs for and developing resources for families affected by addiction in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan., Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research.. Total: $46,404.00 for 2018-02-01 to 2020-02-01

Maina G (Principal Investigator), Ogenchuk M (Coprincipal Investigator), Caine V (Co-investigator), Garinger M (Co-investigator), Gaudet D (Coinvestigator), Bratvold R (Co-investigator), Woods S (Co-investigator), Brooks D (Co-investigator), Deichert B (Co-investigator), Hazelwood J (Co-investigator), Bird E (Co-investigator). Exploring the needs for and developing resources for families affected by addiction in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $98,618.00 for 2018-02 to 2020-02

Crizzle A (Principal Investigator), Maina G (Co-principal Investigator), Szafron M (Co-investigator), Dell C (Coinvestigator), Garinger M (Co-investigator). Improving success of the methadone clinic in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)- Subgranted by Canadian Research in Substance Misuse.. Total: $15,000.00 for 2018-01 to 2019-01

Maina G (Principal Investigator), Ogenchuk M (Coprincipal Investigator), Garinger M (Co-investigator), Gaudet D (Co-investigator), Brooks D (Co-investigator), Bratford R (Co-investigator), Woods S (Coinvestigator), Singer K (Co-investigator), Diechart K (Co-investigator). Exploring Family Needs and Developing Resources to Support Families of Clients Living with Addiction in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, This is a planning grant awarded upon approval of the Intake questionnaire for SPROUT Grant Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $2,040.00 for 2017-08 to 2017-10

Maina G (Principal Investigator), Mishak B (Coinvestigator), de Padua A (Co-investigator), Strudwick G (Co-investigator). Stakeholder Consultation/knowledge forum for Indigenous Substance use and addiction in Prince Albert, This project brought together stakeholders involved in substance use and addiction for a one-day event to deliberate on contemporary substance use and addiction in Prince Albert. Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)- Subgranted by Canadian Research in Substance Misuse.. Total: $15,000.00 for 2017-05 to 2018-04

Long R (Principal Investigator), Sack S (Co-principal Investigator), Smylie J (Co-investigator), Yacoub W (Co-investigator), Abonyi S (Co-investigator), Butler L (Co-investigator), Cooper R (Co-investigator), Hackett F (Co-investigator), Komarnisky S (Co-investigator), Maina G (Co-investigator), Stewart K (Co-investigator). Implementing the "Patient's charter of tuberculosis care" in high incidence Indigenous communities and across jurisdictional borders. Total: $675,000.00 for 2017-05-01 to 2020-04-30

Rourke SB (Principal Investigator), Gartner K (Co-principal Investigator), Kirkland S (Co-principal Investigator), Marshall Z (Co-principal Investigator), Oliver B (Co-principal Investigator), Otis J (Co-principal Investigator), Worthington C (Co-principal Investigator), Adam B (Co-investigator), Barrett L (Co-investigator), Becker M (Co-investigator), Beaulieu M (Co-investigator), Betrand K (Co-investigator), Bizot D (Co-investigator), Brennan D (Co-investigator), Bulman D (Co-investigator), Maina G (Co-investigator), (et.al). The CIHR CBR Collaborative 2.0: A program of Reach, Collaborative Centers of HIV/AIDS Community -Based Centers CIHR. Total: $1,500,000.00 for 2017-04-13 to 2022-06-30

Hackett P (Principal Investigator), Abonyi S (Coinvestigator), Butler L (Co-investigator), Maina G (Coinvestigator). Implementing the "Patient's Charter of Tuberculosis Care" in High Incidence Indigenous Communities and Across Jurisdictional Borders. Total: $150,000.00 for 2017-01 to 2020-01