College of Nursing


Dr. Peacock has been a registered nurse since 2000 and was appointed to a tenure-track position with the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan (USask) since 2011. She received her PhD from the University of Alberta (2011) and her MN (2003) and BSN (2000) from the USask. Dr. Peacock teaches foundational nursing and assessment skills in the undergraduate nursing program, as well as teaching advanced qualitative methodologies in the PhD program. Dr. Peacock supervises and supports several graduate students in both nursing and psychology.

Her interests and research are focused on supporting older adult persons living and dying with dementia and their family carers. Dr. Peacock’s present research involves developing a Dementia Champions educational program for acute healthcare professionals by collaborating with pan-Canadian and Scottish colleagues. Other projects include the development of the Reclaiming Yourself Tool for bereaved spouses of persons with dementia, development of the My Tools 4 Care and the In Care version (on-line interventions to support family carers supporting relatives with dementia), and most recently testing the Connecting Today intervention intended to reduce loneliness in persons with advanced dementia living in long-term care homes.

Research Interests

  • Dementia
  • Family Carers
  • Older Adults
  • Qualitative Methodologies


  • Qualitative
  • Systematic reviews of the literature


  • NURS 200: Nursing Foundations Perspectives and Influences
  • NURS 202: Assessment and Components of Care I
  • NURS 450: Practice Integration
  • NURS 824: Advanced Integrative Exercise
  • NURS 896: Nursing Research Advanced Qualitative Methodologies



2023/4 - 2024/3 - Co-Principal Applicant (Saskatchewan Lead)
Connecting today to combat social isolation and loneliness: A pragmatic cluster RCT of a remote visiting program for care home residents living with Dementia. Nominated Principal Applicant: O’Rouke, H; Co- Principal Applicant : Hoben, M; Co-investigators: Bethell, J; Boscart, V; Cranley, L; Ghosh, S; Hopper, T; McGilton, K; O'Connell, M; Funding Sources: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Bridging Total Funding - 100,000
2022/9 - 2023/8 - Principal Applicant
Championing Dementia Care Education for Acute Healthcare Professionals. Co-applicants: Bally, J; Cammer, A; Haase, K; Hung, L; Jack-Waugh, A; MacRae, R; O'Connell, M; O'Rourke, H; Rohatinsky, N; Thompson, G. Funding Sources: Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation; Align Grant. Total Funding - 10,000
2019/5 - 2022/4 - Principal Applicant
Championing Health Professional Dementia Care Education. Co-applicants: Bally, J; Duggleby, W; Haase, K; Holtslander, L; MacRae, R; McAiney, C; Morgan, D; O'Connell, M; Ploeg, J; Rohatinsky, N; Thompson, G; Vedel, I; Collaborator : Gawdun, J; Hauck, V; Michael, J. Funding Sources: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Planning and Dissemination. Total Funding - 20,000
2019/4 - 2023/3 - Co-applicant (Saskatchewan Lead)
Supporting Family Caregivers of Persons Living with Dementia: Effectiveness and Sustainability of My Tools 4 Care- In-Care. Co-Principal Investigators: Duggleby. W; O'Rourke, H. Co-applicants: Baxter, P; Dube, V; Ghosh, S; Holroyd-Leduc, J; McAiney, C; Nekoliachuk, C; Thompson, G. Funding Sources: Public Health Agency of Canada; Dementia Community Investment Grant. Total Funding - 882,000

External Committees

  • Co-Chair, Caregiver Committee, Saskatoon Council on Aging

Honours (Medals, Fellowships, Prizes)

  • 2020 Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching; University of Saskatchewan