Picture of  Shelley Peacock

Shelley Peacock RN, BSc, BSN, MN, PhD Professor

E4340 Health Sciences, Saskatoon


Shelley's previous clinical practice and current research interests are focused on supporting persons with dementia and their family caregivers, particularly at the end of life and into bereavement. Her master of nursing degree (University of Saskatchewan, 2003) was a systematic review of interventions to support family caregivers to persons with dementia, and her PhD (University of Alberta, 2011) research was a phenomenology on the experience of providing end-of-life care to a relative with advanced dementia.

She actively participates in several research projects with colleagues from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and Scotland. She has received a Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Establishment Grant (2014 - 2018) to adapt a self-administered bereavement tool to the dementia-context. Recent interests have expanded to explore the delivery of dementia care in correctional settings. Shelley teaches fundamental assessment and clinical skills in undergraduate courses in the BSN and PDBSN programs of the college. Also, Shelley supervises and is a committee member for many graduate students in nursing and psychology.  

Research Interests

  • Dementia
  • Family caregiving
  • Older adults


  • Qualitative
  • Systematic reviews


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Grants, Awarded (Peer-Reviewed)

Peacock S (Principal Investigator), Bally J (Co-investigator), Duggleby W (Co-investigator), Haase K (Co-investigator), Holtslander L (Co-investigator), MacRae R (Co-investigator), McAiney C (Co-investigator), Morgan D (Co-investigator), O'Connell M (Co-investigator), Ploeg J (Co-investigator), Rohatinsky N (Co-investigator), Thompson G (Co-investigator), Vedel I (Co-investigator), Micheal J (Collaborator), Gawdun J (Collaborator), Hauck V (Collaborator). Championing Health Professional Dementia Care Education, CIHR, Planning and Dissemination Grant. Total: $20,000.00 for 2019-05 to 2020-04

Duggleby W (Co-principal Investigator), O'Rourke H (Co-principal Investigator), Ploeg J (Co-investigator), Kassalainen S (Co-investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Thompson G (Co-investigator), Holyrud-Leduc J (Co-investigator), McAiney C (Co-investigator), Ghosh S (Co-investigator), Nekoliachuk C (Co-investigator), Dube V (Co-investigator). Supporting Family Caregivers of Persons Living with Dementia: Effectiveness and Sustainability of My Tools 4 Care- In-Care, Public Health Agency of Canada Dementia Community Investment Grant. Total: $882,000.00 for 2019-04 to 2023-03
Comment: I lead and manage the Saskatchewan portion of the project.

O'Connell M (Principal Investigator), Morgan D (Co-principal Investigator), Kosteniuk J (Co-investigator), Holtslander L (Co-investigator), Kirk A (Co-investigator), Stewart N (Co-investigator), Cammer A (Co-investigator), Dal Bello Haas V (Co-investigator), Astell A (Co-investigator), Bier N (Co-investigator), Boeheme G (Co-investigator), Bracken J (Co-investigator), Herron R (Co-investigator), Hadjistavropoulos H (Co-investigator), Holroyd-Leduc J (Co-investigator), Hunter P (Co-investigator), McWilliams L (Co-investigator), Michel J (Co-investigator), Naglie G (Co-investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Rapoport M (Co-investigator), Seitz D (Co-investigator), Skinner M (Co-investigator), Walker Johnston J (Co-investigator). Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) Team 15 Rural Phase II, Funding for CCNA Phase II from CIHR and partners including SHRF. RRMCi – of the 6 projects we are currently focussing on the CBTi and the RuralCARES app projects because we recently leveraged some funding for these. We will initiate work on the others within the year. CIHR and SHRF. Total: $683,300.00 for 2019-04 to 2024-03

Nicol J (Principal Investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Lang J (Co-investigator), Loehr J (Co-investigator). Using the E-music box in dementia care: Supporting social bonding and advancing brain research, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation & Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Collaborative Innovation Development Grant. Total: $49,000.00 for 2019-03 to 2020-02

Wormith S (Principal Investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Brown T (Co-investigator), Edwards A (Co-investigator), Haas R (Co-investigator), Hryniuk A (Co-investigator), Maltby M (Co-investigator), O'Connell M (Co-investigator). Older Offenders in Correctional Service Canada, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Collaborative Innovation Development. Total: $49,976.00 for 2019-03 to 2020-02

Peacock S (Principal Investigator), O'Connell M (Co-investigator), Haase K (Co-investigator), Holtslander L (Co-investigator), MacRae R (Co-investigator), Michaels J (Co-investigator), Kochar N (Collaborator). Adapting a caregiver co-designed mental wellness app for rural caregivers of persons with dementia: RuralCARES, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation & Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Collaborative Innovation Development. Total: $45,380.00 for 2019-03 to 2020-02

Peacock S (Co-principal Investigator), Holtslander L (Co-principal Investigator), Haase K (Co-investigator), O'Connell M (Co-investigator), Kochar N (Collaborator). Supporting a New Caregiving Community towards Improved Wellness, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Collaborative Innovation Development. Total: $49,046.00 for 2018-03 to 2020-03

Peacock S (Co-principal Investigator), Holtslander L (Co-principal Investigator). Visiting Research Scholar, Dr. Rhoda MacRae (University of the West of Scotland) College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. Total: $3,360.00 for 2017-09 to 2017-12 

Duggleby W (Principal Investigator), Ploeg J (Co-investigator), McAiney C (Co-investigator), Parmar J (Co-investigator), Holyrod-Leduc J (Co-investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Brazil K (Co-investigator), Nekolaichuk C (Co-investigator), Ghosh S (Co-investigator), Forbes D (Co-investigator), Kaasalainen S (Co-investigator), Huhn A (Collaborator), Classen K (Collaborator), Woodhead-Lyons S (Collaborator), Baxter S (Collaborator). Feasibility Study of an On-Line Intervention for Family Caregivers of Residential-Living Frail Older Persons., TVN Catalyst Grant. Total: $74,254.00 for 2016-05 to 2017-04 

Peacock S (Principal Investigator), Peternelj-Taylor C (Co-investigator), Holtslander L (Co-investigator), Burles M (Co-investigator), MacRae R (Co-investigator), Kumaran M (Co-investigator). Exploring Dementia Care in Corrections: An Integrative Literature Review, Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies, Faculty Research Grant. Total: $8,492.00 for 2016-05 to 2017-04 

Peacock S (Co-principal Investigator), O'Connell M (Co-principal Investigator), Delbaere M (Co-investigator). FaceUs: Feasibility of an Age Friendly Campus Environment at the U of S, President's SSHRC. Total: $7,000.00 for 2015-05 to 2017-04 

Peacock S (Principal Investigator), Holtslander L (Co-investigator), Thompson G (Co-investigator), O'Connell M (Co-investigator). A psychosocial intervention for bereaved spousal caregivers of persons with dementia: Adapting the "Finding Balance" tool, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $87,096.00 for 2014-06 to 2017-05

Forbes D (Co-principal Investigator), Strain L (Co-principal Investigator), Peacock S (Co-principal Investigator), Morgan D (Co-investigator), Hawranik P (Co-investigator), Gibson M (Co-investigator), Innes A (Co-investigator), LeClair K (Co-investigator), Harrison W (Collaborator), Wotkiw T (Collaborator). Northern home care knowledge to action strategies that support persons with dementia and their family caregivers, Network of Excellence in Seniors Health and Wellness, Covenant Health Grant. Total: $197,507.00 for 2014-04 to 2016-05

Holtslander L (Principal Investigator), Duggleby W (Co-investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Hudson P (Co-investigator), Duncan I (Co-investigator), Cooper D (Co-investigator), Baxter S (Collaborator). Honoring the voices of bereaved caregivers: A metasynthesis of qualitative research with bereaved caregivers, CiHR. Total: $100,000.00 for 2014-03 to 2015-02

Ploeg J (Co-principal Investigator), Markle-Reid M (Co-principal Investigator), Bournes D (Co-principal Investigator), Akhtar-Danesh N (Co-investigator), Baptiste S (Co-investigator), Bender D (Co-investigator), Duggleby W (Co-investigator), Emili A (Co-investigator), Feldman S (Co-investigator), Forbes D (Co-investigator), Fraser K (Co-investigator), Gafni A (Co-investigator), Ganann R (Co-investigator), Garnett A (Co-investigator), Ghosh S (Co-investigator), Gibson M (Co-investigator), Griffith L (Co-investigator), Gruneir A (Co-investigator), Hirst S (Co-investigator), Kaasalainen S (Co-investigator), Keefe J (Co-investigator), Matthew-Maich N (Co-investigator), Mcainey C (Co-investigator), Patterson C (Co-investigator), Peacock S (Co-investigator), Rojas-Fernandez C (Co-investigator), Sadowski C (Co-investigator), Triscott J (Co-investigator), Upshur R (Co-investigator), Valaitis R (Co-investigator), Williams A (Co-investigator), Anderson C (Collaborator), Farrell M (Collaborator), Paetkau S (Collaborator). Innovative community-based approaches to promote optimal aging for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers, Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Total: $2,500,000.00 for 2013-06 to 2018-05