Technology for Students


ExamSoft is an exam delivery application that allows nursing students to complete exams electronically. The college utilizes this platform for students in La Ronge, Île-à-la-Crosse, Yorkton and the Nurse Practitioner Program.

During the majority of the Examsoft exams your computer will be locked from accessing the internet. In certain cases you will have access to the internet during your exam. These include:

  • exams invigilated with WebEx
  • open book exams.

Below you will find instructions on how to install Examplify (the ExamSoft application to deliver exams) for both Windows and Mac computers. Please note tablets and smartphones are not supported.

Once you have Examplify installed on your computer, click on the Practice Exam tab for instructions on taking a “Practice Exam” to ensure your computer is setup for ExamSoft. The Practice Exam is mandatory.

  • If at any point your require the Institution ID it is: usask
  • If you need to access the Examsoft Website directly it is located at