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HESI Tests

Evolve Website

HESI tests are provided through the Evolve website. The address for Evolve is

Essential Component

HESI Tests are an essential component of many College of Nursing courses, meaning students must complete and pass the assignment/ practice exam(s) with 50% or greater to pass the course.

The following table displays the courses and the tests that will be completed.

Course HESI-RN Assignment/Practice Exam
NURS 203 Health Assessment (PE)
NURS 220 Dosage Calculations
PHAR 250 Pharmacology
NURS 305 Fundamentals & Pathophysiology (PE)
NURS 306 Gerontology (PE)
NURS 307 Psychiatric Mental Health
NURS 311 Fundamentals
NURS 312  Pathophysiology (PE)
NURS 330 Obstetrics/Maternity
NURS 330 Pediatrics
NURS 332 Medical/Surgical
NURS 422 Management
NURS 430 Community Health
NURS 430 Comprehensive Exam #1
NURS 441 Comprehensive Exam #2 & Comprehensive Exam #3
NURS 450 Nutrition (PE)


Instructions to sign up for an Evolve account will be provided in NURS 203. You should only ever sign up for a single account and you should register your account with the same name that you use in Canvas. In NURS 203 you will be provided with instructions attached to the Evolve Assignment. The account you create will be used for all other classes in year's 2,3, and 4.

Instructions to register for subsequent courses will be attached to the Evolve Assignment in each course which include HESI Tests.

Practice Area

Students may also enroll in the overall College of Nursing Ungraded Practice Tests course which contains practice tests and quizzes. Assessments completed in this course will not count towards any grades and are supplemental to the graded tests in any given course. The College is not able to retrieve scores from the practice area.