Technology for Students

Nursing Central

Students must first register for a new user account with Unbound Medicine. Once created, the account can be used to activate the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The account can also be used to access Nursing Central resources through any web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

1) Create a User Account with Unbound Medicine

Please visit the USask library for a link to the Unbound registration page. As a USask student, there is no charge to create an account.

2) Access Nursing Central

Web Browser Access: Bookmark and use your new Unbound Medicine user account to sign in to the site and access content from any web browser, anytime. The web access is mobile friendly for all screen sizes. Using web access will require an active connection to the internet (wired, wifi, or cellular).

Mobile App: Download the Nursing Central Mobile App for iOS or Android from the respective sources for those devices. Activate the Nursing Central Mobile App with your Unbound Medicine account to get the latest content at your fingertips. The app will only require an active network connection to receive periodic content updates throughout the year. Nursing Central App can be used on a daily basis without an active network connection.

Getting Support

The Health Sciences Library is here to provide support and troubleshooting for students. Please email them at

Unbound Medicine provides full technical support and user training for Nursing Central.


Do I have to pay anything?
There are no charges for students to set up an Unbound Medicine user account for Nursing Central access under the USask site license.

What content is included in the USask Nursing Central site license?
Students and instructors can access the following packages under the site license for no charge.
Nursing Central, Nurse's Pocket Guide, and RNotes.

Why is Windows Phone not supported?
There were several criteria used as part of the selection process to acquire an electronic resource for student use. One of the main goals was multi-platform support, which allows students to use devices they may already own to interact with the content. Unbound Medicine dropped support of the Windows Phone platform, but advises Windows Phone users to use the web browser method to access resources. The web browser method is mobile compatible for a variety of screen sizes.

Can I sign out of the App and login with a different user account?
No. If the app is associated with an expired account, please delete the app and download it again from the respective app store for your device. Then you will be able to sign in to the app with an alternate username.

Where can I get more information about Nursing Central?
Please visit the Nursing Central website for general information on device specs, installation, how-to videos, etc. (Note: There is no need to purchase Nursing Central directly from the website since it is provided at USask under the site license.)