Starting Examplify

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It is essential students complete the Practice Exam as a way to prepare for graded exams later in the term. The Practice Exam is mandatory and will allow students to become familiar with the interface and ensure their hardware and software is configured correctly. Please complete the process above for Setting up Examsoft and Examplify then follow the instructions below to access the Practice Exam. 

Note: BSN students in Yorkton will use laptops provided and configured by Parkland College for in class exams, but will still benefit from doing the installing Examplify at home and completing Practice Exam.

Practice Exam Password (case sensitive): Practice123

Please also note that you will receive your score on the practice test. On actual assessments grades will be provide by the instructor.

For both Mac and Windows: Run Examplify (desktop icon shown below)

  • examplify-icon.png

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