Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Fact Sheet for Practical Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses Entering the Four Year BSN Program

Students who are graduates of the revised Saskatchewan Polytechnic Practical Nursing (PN) Program (first graduates in 2008) and are currently a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) (or eligible for licensure) in Saskatchewan will receive up to 27 transfer credit units towards the four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. 

The BSN program is non-direct entry and consists of a pre-professional year, followed by three years of nursing education once admitted to the program. Admission to nursing is competitive, based on the cumulative average in the pre-professional year classes.

Course Credits Applied to Pre-Professional Year

Year 1

The pre-professional year consists of 10 courses. PNs or LPNs receive credit for the social science elective and two open elective requirements:

  • Social Science elective - for SOCI 160
  • Open elective - for SOCI 260
  • Open elective - for SOCI 261

The following seven courses still need to be completed to be considered for admission to year two of the BSN program:

  • English (3 credit units)
  • Indigenous Studies (3 credit units)
  • Chemistry (3 credit units)
  • Biology (3 credit units)
  • Statistics (3 credit units)
  • Psychology (3 credit units)
  • Nutrition (3 credit units)

For more information on the specific pre-professional year course requirements.

Course Credits Applied to Year Two

PNs or LPNs receive credit for the following year two courses:

  • NURS 202.3 - Assessment and Components of Care I
  • NURS 204.3 - Communication and Professional Relationships
  • NURS 220.3 - Concepts of Patient and Family Centered Care (if completed drug dosage module and exam [PHAR 264])
  • NURS 221.3 - Patient and Family Centered Care in Practice
  • PHSI 208.6 - Human Body Systems (transfer credit based on having completed APHY 162 and APHY 262)

Course Plan for PNs or LPNs Entering the BSN Program

Outlined below is a course plan to complete years 2 - 4 of the BSN program.

Year Two

Complete year two of the BSN program as follows:

Term 1

  • NURS 200.3 - Nursing Foundations: Perspectives and Influences
  • PHAR 250.3 - Pharmacology for Nursing

Term 2

  • NURS 201.3 - Perspectives on Health, Wellness and Diversity in a Global Context
  • NURS 203.3 - Assessment and Components of Care II
  • NURS 205.3 - Research for Evidence Informed Practice
  • MCIM 223.3 - Microbiology for Nurses

Year Three

  • Complete year three of the BSN program.

Year Four

  • Complete year four of the BSN program.