Clinical Placements

Clinical COVID-19 Requirements

Information for the winter term will be updated as needed.

  1. Students must complete a SHA Learner Placement Covid-19 precaution screening document prior to each clinical course. This will be sent to you by the clinical coordinator for your campus. If at any time your answers or health status changes, you must inform your clinical instructor and clinical coordinator immediately.
  2. Students will undergo the same daily screening measures each time you go into the clinical setting. This will include patient research dates.
  3. Temperature checks may occur each time you enter an agency and/or throughout the day.
  4. Students cannot wear scrubs to or from the clinical setting. They must change on arrival to the facility and prior to leaving. Students should limit what they bring to clinical and any items they bring must be disinfected upon entering the facility, prior to leaving and upon returning home.
  5. Students will not care for any Covid-19 patients. N95 masks are dedicated to staff. All other personal protective equipment will be provided, as required.
  6. Learners will be subject to the same precautions as all other SHA staff while in the clinical setting, such as the continuous mask policy that is currently in place.
  7. As per the Public Health Orders by the government of Saskatchewan, employees at Long Term Care, special care and personal care homes must work in only ONE facility. This cohorting model is the same for students as it is staff. Students will not be allowed to work in Long Term Care or personal care homes while in clinical rotations.
  8. Educational program photo ID is required for all learners at the time of entry to facility. Your badge must be worn throughout your shift, above the waist, and be clearly visible. Should you forget your photo ID, you will be required to return home to retrieve the ID. This time will be counted as missed time in clinical.
  9. Students should practice social distancing whenever possible. They should not gather in groups. This applies to all breaks and lunch breaks. They should ensure that they move about the facility in no more than groups of 2-3 to ensure social distancing can occur as much as possible.
  10. Out of province students are strongly encouraged to return to SK 14 days before entering the clinical placements. You do not need to self-isolate upon arrival but use precautions (physical distancing, etc.) and self-monitoring for any illness/symptoms.