Bachelor of Science in Nursing

General Information

Students are required to wear an approved picture name tag in labs and clinical areas for as long as you are in the program. The College of Nursing will arrange for your name tag. There will be a charge for replacements.

In order to be awarded your degree from the University of Saskatchewan, you must complete an Application to Graduate Form to receive your diploma, whether or not you plan to attend the convocation ceremony. Further graduation information can be found here.

The University of Saskatchewan has policies regarding harassment.

Students with special needs may request an extension of time for examinations. The University of Saskatchewan provides services for students with disabilities. Contact Access and Equity Services.


  • Human and/or electronic translators/dictionaries may not be used during exams.
  • Students with English as a second/additional language should be aware that extra time is not allowed for writing of nurse registration examinations for licensure.

While you are a student in the BSN Program, you can request program transcripts through PAWS using your NSID. A fee is charged.

You will receive an identification number for USask. It is your responsibility to ensure you use the correct identification number on exams.

When students apply for admission and are accepted into the BSN Program, any previous course work will be reviewed for possible credit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an academic advisor.

Withdrawal from a course will jeopardize your completion of the BSN Program. In addition, withdrawal from a course may mean you do not have the necessary pre/co-requisites to continue in other courses in which you are registered (that is, you may be required to drop other courses as well). If you are considering withdrawing, you must meet with a College of Nursing Academic Advisor to discuss your situation.