Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

Program Requirements

A minimum of 18 credit units plus NURS 996 are required in the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) program. Courses are delivered as face-to-face instruction at the Saskatoon Campus only.

Required Courses

  • NURS 895 Philosophy of Nursing Science
  • NURS 896 Nursing Research: Advanced Qualitative Methodologies
  • NURS 897 Nursing Research: Advanced Research Methods in Quantitative Design
  • NURS 9961 Dissertation
  • NURS 9972 Doctoral Research Seminar
  • NURS 9903 Seminar
  • GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics & Integrity
  • GSR 961 or GSR 962 Ethics and Integrity in Human Research or Ethics in Animal Research (if applicable)

Students are expected to take six credit units of cognate courses, in addition to the courses listed above and are encouraged to discuss appropriate courses with their supervisors. Students are also required to take an advanced level statistics course.

Sample timetable for students

  1. Students writing a PhD dissertation must register in NURS 996 all 3 terms - Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer.
  2. Students are required to register and attend NURS 997 until they have completed comprehensive exams.
  3. Students are required to register and attend NURS 990 for the first two semesters of the program.

Cognate Area Courses

Students are expected to take a minimum of six credit units in their cognate area. These 800 level courses should address a student's area of specialization and research. Cognate courses must be appoved by the PhD Advisory Committee.

These courses may be developed by the College of Nursing Faculty as Special Topics (NURS 898.3) or selected from other disciplines or other universities in the Western Dean's Agreement or Saskatchewan Universities Graduate Agreement (SUGA).