Picture of  Sandra Bassendowski

Sandra Bassendowski BEd, MEd, EdD, RN Emeritus Professor

Research Interests

  • Scholarship of teaching
  • Technology
  • History of nursing education
  • International education


  • Qualitative
  • Mixed methods


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Petrucka P (Principal Investigator), Arries E (Co-investigator), Dietrich Leurer M (Co-investigator), Bassendowski S (Co-investigator). Mama Kwanza (Mother First) Socio-economic and Health Initiative, Canadian International Development Agency. Total: $3,600,000.00 for 2013-01 to 2016-06

Bassendowski S (Principal Investigator), Petrucka P (Co-investigator), Davies S (Co-investigator), Breitkreuz L (Collaborator). iNurse, iTeach, Using mobile applications in client education, MITACS-Accelerate. Total: $15,000.00 for 2012-06 to 2013-01