College of Nursing


Michelle Patterson joined the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Nursing in 2016 as a part-time clinical instructor. She is a graduate of Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan (BSN’12) and has worked in a variety of settings in and around Saskatoon including maternal and child services, labour and delivery, healthy and home, and public health.  

Michelle quickly found her passion in nursing education and continued teaching in variety of second-, third-, and fourth-year labs and clinical settings while working on and completing her Master of Nursing (Course-based) degree (MN'21) at USask. Michelle is currently working in a limited-term faculty lecturer position at the College of Nursing, while continuing to maintain clinical practice as a public health nurse. 

Michelle enjoys teaching a variety of subjects, but is specifically passionate about therapeutic communication, client education, leadership, anti-racism, and trauma-informed practice. 


This academic year, Michelle is teaching in the following courses:

  • NURS 206: Foundational Care in Clinical Practice
  • NURS 321: Therapeutic Interventions for Individuals and Groups
  • NURS 322: Leadership in Education and Care
  • NURS 431: Community Nursing Practice
  • NURS 450: Practice Integration

She has also previously taught lab and clinical in the following courses:

  • NURS 202: Assessment and Components of Care I
  • NURS 204: Communication and Professional Relationships
  • NURS 331: Maternal Child and Adolescent Family Centered Nursing Practice