College of Nursing


Kathleen is a graduate of the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan (NEPS) and began her nursing career in a regional Saskatchewan hospital working in medicine and surgery. Following an opportunity to complete the Perioperative nursing certificate, she eventually settled in the operating room, working both in regional and tertiary facilities.

Kathleen completed her Master of Nursing thesis in 2017, which examined dementia care in rural areas to support research work by the Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) team in Saskatchewan. At this time, she also began a career in research with CADTH. She supported the uptake and implementation of research findings in the Saskatchewan healthcare system and was able to collaborate with clinicians, health system decision-makers, and senior government leaders. She was also involved in patient and clinician engagement and supported individuals to be involved in the research process. These roles involved a large amount of teaching and facilitation and set the basis for her interest and passion for undergraduate education. In the College of Nursing, she has taught and coordinated a variety of labs, clinicals, and lectures and greatly appreciates being involved in a nursing student’s journey to practice.


  • NURS 201: Perspectives on Health, Wellness, and Diversity in a Global Context
  • NURS 202: Assessment and Components of Care I
  • NURS 203: Assessment and Components of Care II
  • NURS 205: Research for Evidence Informed Practice
  • NURS 206: Foundational Care in Clinical Practice
  • NURS 220: Concepts of Patient and Family Centered Care
  • NURS 221: Patient and Family Centered Care in Clinical Practice
  • NURS 450: Practice Integration