Picture of  Donna Rennie

Donna Rennie BSN, MN, PhD, CAE Emeritus Professor

E1224 Health Sciences, Saskatoon



  • 1989 Master of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. Thesis: Assessment of the Informational Needs of Mothers of 
    Toddlers: Perceptions of Mothers and Community Health Nurses.
  • 1996 Doctor pf Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan, Respiratory Epidemiology. Thesis: A Population Based
    Study of Asthma and Wheeze in School Age Children.


  • 1993-1995 Health Canada (NHRDP) Doctoral Training Fellowship
  • 1996 Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (HSURC) - declined
  • 1997 -1999 Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Medical Research Council Regional Partnership Program
  • (Founding Chairs Fellowship, Centre for Agriculture Medicine) University of Saskatchewan
  • 1995 Award of Merit, Saskatchewan Lung Association
  • 2005 Effie Feeney Award for Nursing Research Saskatchewan Association of Registered Nurses


  • Certified Asthma Educator, Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (2018)

Research Interests

  • Respiratory epidemiology
  • Rural nursing
  • Rural health
  • Asthma education


  • Quantitative


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Lawson J (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Adamko D (Co-investigator). Development of an international research initiative in childhood asthma, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Research Connections Program. Total: $8,000.00 for 2014

Lawson J (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Adamko D (Co-investigator). Development of an international research initiative in childhood asthma, Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Institute Community Support Meetings Grant. Total: $12,500.00 for 2014

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Dosman J (Co-principal Investigator), Abonyi S (Co-principal Investigator), Episkenew J (Co-principal Investigator), Pahwa P (Co-principal Investigator), Karunanayake C (Co-investigator), Fenton M (Co-investigator), Gordon J (Co-investigator), Janzen B (Co-investigator), King M (Co-investigator), Kirychuk S (Co-investigator), Koehncke N (Co-investigator), Lawson J (Co-investigator), Marchildon G (Co-investigator), McBain L (Co-investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Senthilselvan A (Co-investigator). Assess, Redress, Re-assess: Addressing Disparities in Respiratory Health Among First Nations People., Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Total: $2,395,255.00 for 2011-10 to 2016-09.

Dosman J (Principal Investigator), Morgan D (Co-investigator), Pahwa P (Co-investigator), Biem J (Co-investigator), Koehncke N (Co-investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Bharadwaj L (Co-investigator), Albritton W (Co-investigator), Barber E (Co-investigator), Rhodes C (Co-investigator), Babiuk L (Co-investigator), Wilson P (Co-investigator). Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture: National Agricultural Rural Industrial Hygiene Laboratory, A World Leader in Linking Agricultural/Rural Exposures to Human Health, New Initiatives Fund Infastructure Project Canadian Foundation for Innovations. Total: $2,400,000.00 for 2010 to 2016

Lawson J (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Dyck R (Co-investigator). The prevalence and severity of asthma among children in a north-central Saskatchewan region, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation New Investigator Establishment Grant. Total: $79,043.00 for 2011 to 2016-09

Dosman J (Principal Investigator), Gordon J (Principal Investigator), Pahwa P (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Chen Y (Co-investigator), Pitblado J (Co-investigator), Lawson, J (co-investigator), Dyck, R. (Co-investigator), Hagel, L., (Co-investigator). Saskatchewan Rural Health Study, Public, Community and Population Health Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Total: $1,979,898.00 for 2008 to 2015-09

Gordon J (Co-principal Investigator), Cockcroft D (Co-principal Investigator), Gjevre J (Collaborator), Butcher S (Collaborator), Dosman J (Collaborator), Graham B (Collaborator), Kirychuk S (Collaborator), Koehncke N (Collaborator), Lawson J (Collaborator), Marciniuk D (Collaborator), Rennie D (Collaborator), Reid J (Collaborator), Singh B (Collaborator), Skomro R (Collaborator). Airways Research Group, Health Research Group Grants Phase 2, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $300,000.00 for 2010 to 2014

Lawson J (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator). Childhood asthma: An international research initiative, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Meetings Grant. Total: $24,148.00 for 2012 to 2013