College of Nursing Shines at SRNA Awards

The Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association (SRNA) Awards of Excellence celebrate both the work of SRNA members and non-members who have contributed to improving and advancing the health of Saskatchewan people and the profession of Registered Nursing. Please join the College of Nursing in congratulating the following 2017 SRNA award recipients.

Life Membership Award
Professor Emeritus Dr. Karen Semchuk and Professor Emeritus Dr. Norma Stewart

The SRNA Life Membership Award is the most prestigious SRNA award. It is awarded to an individual who has provided outstanding service to registered nursing in Saskatchewan.

I am humbled to have been selected as a recipient of the SRNA Life Membership Award. I wish to thank the members of the SRNA Awards Committee for this wonderful honour and convey my sincerest appreciation to my esteemed colleagues for their nomination. The nomination was prepared and submitted by College of Nursing Drs. Beth Horsburgh and Donna Rennie; Dr. Gwen Machnee, Parkland College; and Suann Laurent, Roberta Wiwcharuk and Glen-mary Christopher, Sunrise Health Region. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with so many professional, competent, caring and talented colleagues and students over my 40 year nursing career. I am confident that the future of nursing education and practice is in good hands.” – Dr. Karen Semchuk

“I am absolutely thrilled to accept this wonderful SRNA award! I have had a great career and I have always been very proud to be a Registered Nurse, so a Lifetime Membership in our professional association means a lot to me. We’ve come a long way as a profession and I’ve truly enjoyed the journey. Many thanks to Interim Dean Dr. Beth Horsburgh, my nursing research colleagues and my former graduate students, who nominated me for this honour.” – Dr. Norma Stewart

Centennial Diamond Awards
In recognition of celebrating 100 years of registered nursing practice in Saskatchewan, the SRNA created Centennial Diamond Awards for distinct recognition of registered nursing service in the past, present and future categories.

Centennial Diamond Award: Past Category
Professor Emeritus Joan Sawatzky

The Centennial Diamond – Past Category Award is given to a Registered Nurse who had been an exemplary Registered Nurse in any practice setting in Saskatchewan prior to retiring from the profession.

"It is a very special honour to be recognized by the SRNA as part of its Centennial celebrations. I am certainly aware that this would not have been possible without the thoughtfulness and effort of my former colleagues, Drs. Susan Fowler-Kerry and Lee Murray, who put forward my nomination. I thank them for that." – Joan Sawatzky

Centennial Diamond Award: Present Category
Professor Dr. June Anonson

The Centennial Diamond – Present Category Award is given to a Registered Nurse who currently holds a SRNA license of good standing. The award focuses on specific domains of nursing including management/administration, clinical/direct care and education/research.

“Thank you to my nominators for this special Centennial Diamond Award, which is such an honour to receive. We truly have amazing leaders, colleagues, student nurses and new graduates in Saskatchewan whom I am very fortunate to work with! There is no better profession than nursing to be in today nor a country such as Canada to practice in!” – Dr. June Anonson

Jean Browne Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice Leadership 
Associate Professor Dr. Arlene Kent-Wilkinson

The Jean Browne Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice Leadership is given to a Registered Nurse whose leadership has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of nursing at the local, provincial, national or international level.

“What an honour it is to receive this year’s Jean Browne Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice Leadership. However, the recognition through this award would not have been possible without the support of colleagues who took the time and effort to submit the nomination and write letters of support. I would like to sincerely thank the nominators Drs. Linda Ferguson and Cindy Peternelj-Taylor, and supportive colleagues Drs. Gerri Lasiuk and Lee Murray. Prior to my educator role for the last 15 years, I have over 30 years of direct clinical experience in the areas of emergency, addictions, mental health, correctional and forensic psychiatric nursing. I would credit my strong clinical base in nursing, as being the most significant reason for any credibility, expert and leadership recognition I have gained when teaching, developing new courses, writing articles, presenting and researching in my focus areas of nursing practice.”  – Dr. Arlene Kent-Wilkinson

Granger Campbell Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice 
Clinical Instructor Leah Thorp

The Granger Campbell Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice is given to a Registered Nurse who has demonstrated clinical excellence in any practice setting (ie: homecare, community, acute care, long term care, etc.).

“Firstly, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the SRNA for these awards recognizing nurses in Saskatchewan. I also am extremely grateful to Danita Lang and Jodie Bigalky for nominating me for this award. I am privileged to be able to practice nursing and succeed at doing so. I love nursing in the journey of continual learning and growing as a person. I hope my passion for caring for others; at the bedside, in research, fulfilling leadership roles and while educating others, displays the necessary dedication to maintain excellence. Excellence is also dependent on a collaborative team effort with a commitment and desire to be ready for all of life's potentials. I wouldn't be receiving this award without the support of my team, my husband and family, my friends and coworkers and the many people and patients I have had the benefit to practice nursing beside.” – Leah Thorp

Nora Armstrong Award for Excellence in Mentorship
Lab Instructor Jared Dyrland

The Nora Armstrong Award for Excellence in Mentorship is given to a SRNA practicing member who has exhibited exceptional mentoring abilities in nursing clinical, education, research, administration or policy.

“I'd like to thank MY mentors for nominating me for the Nora Armstrong Award for Excellence in Mentorship. Their ongoing support and guidance has challenged me to pursue various opportunities in my relatively short career, culminating with teaching labs for the University of Saskatchewan nursing program this past fall. I'm excited to be part of the next generation of Registered Nurses produced by the program!” – Jared Dyrland

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