NP Program Receives SRNA 5 Year Program Approval Rating

The College of Nursing offers students two advanced nursing practice education programs: Master of Nursing Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and Post-Graduate Nurse Practitioner Certificate.

The programs began in 2006 and 2009 (respectively) and have grown to where demand for the program exceeds the number of seats annually. To ensure graduates are educated to provide safe, competent, quality care and meet the criteria for provincial Nurse Practitioner (NP) licensure through a national certification exam, the program is regularly reviewed by the provincial regulatory body.

We are extremely proud to announce we have received the highest level of approval possible (five year approval rating) from the Saskatchewan Registered Nursing Association (SRNA) Nursing Education Program Approval Committee. The program approval process included written submissions, site visits and telephone consultations with faculty and support staff, as well as students, graduates, preceptors and employers. In particular, we were commended for our interdisciplinary approach in student learning, positive feedback from employers on the preparedness of graduates, physical resources available for students and excellent leadership.

“NP programs are assessed by knowledgeable academic leaders involved in NP education across Canada,” said Dr. Mary Ellen Andrews, Director Nurse Practitioner Program. “The review process provides an opportunity for constructive dialogue to ensure national perspectives can be reflected in educational programming.”

The College would like to thank all faculty and staff who have been involved in designing and delivering our Nurse Practitioner program. A particular thank you is extended to Dr. Mary Ellen Andrews for her passionate leadership.

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