Indigenous Initiatives

College of Nursing Strategic Plan for Indigenous Engagement

The College of Nursing plays a central and strategic role in Saskatchewan's health care system. This requires the College to be a leader in shaping the province's health workforce, responding to demographic, social and economic challenges and supporting efforts for continual improvement.

The most important thing the College of Nursing can do in improving Indigenous health is to educate Indigenous health professionals, so they can respond to the needs of their own communities. This means supporting their success through accessible education and a range of student services. At the same time, we need to ensure all of our graduates are able to provide culturally competent care and are cognizant of the particular cultural and socio-economic contexts influencing Indigenous health; and foster research that improves Indigenous primary health care and health policy at local, provincial, national and international levels.

The University of Saskatchewan has recognized its role and responsibility in contributing to improvements in quality of life for Indigenous peoples through research, community engagement and post-secondary education. Like the broader University of Saskatchewan, the College of Nursing has recognized its responsibilities in leading positive change and has prioritized Indigenous engagement in our 2025 College of Nursing Strategic Plan.