Technology for Students

Grammarly - Writing Skills Tool

Grammarly is an automated proofreader. It will identify where improvements are needed and provide feedback on how to fix the mistakes. There is also a citation management component to help ensure proper referencing. Grammarly is a student centered tool that can proactively improve written work before it is submitted for grading.

Grammarly is licensed for all nursing students, faculty and staff. The first step to begin using Grammarly is to set up a Grammarly account. Once you have an account, use it to login to the Grammarly website or activate the integrated Microsoft plug in for Word and Outlook.

Please note: the method for signing up for Grammarly has changed this term. All current accounts will be disabled shortly and students will need to sign up using the new process. Instructions will be provided once the new method is available.

Setting Up a Grammarly Account

  • From the log in screen, select Sign up

  • Input your name, email, and a password into the required fields and select Sign up. Note: You must use a University of Saskatchewan email, such as one listed below, for the process to work.
  • When choosing a password, please choose a strong password that is not the same as your NSID password.

  • You will now receive an email to confirm your Grammarly registration. 
    • Note: If the email does not arrive shortly, help is available here.
  • Your Grammarly account should now be active. Visit to begin use.