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Research with Nursing Students

Studies (funded or unfunded) involving College of Nursing students as research subjects require ethical approval from the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board (REB) and operational approval from the College of Nursing Research Committee. Approval must be in place before contacting students to participate in the study. Follow the steps below to obtain approvals.

Allow at least six to eight weeks to obtain both university and college approval.

Step 1: University Level

Obtain ethical approval from the U of S REB.
Note: If you have approval from another university you still need U of S REB approval; however, you will be eligible for expedited review.

  • U of S REB Contacts:

Step 2: College Level

Submit an electronic copy of research proposal (including surveys, interview guides, etc.) and REB approval to the College of Nursing Research Committee.

The Research Committee reviews proposal and ethics application to ensure protection of students during the research project. Decision communicated to applicant; minor changes to protocol may be required.