Master of Nursing

Course-Based Option

Graduates of the Master of Nursing program with an advanced level of knowledge in nursing will:

  • Critically examine and articulate perspectives on nursing and the health care system
  • Demonstrate leadership in collaborative environments to influence change towards improved nursing and health
  • Develop, implement and evaluate strategies for nursing roles at the client, family, community and system level

These objectives are accomplished by offering courses that include critical thinking, leadership and innovative strategies for improving health and healthcare.

Students will have the choice of three themes (education, leadership or research). Students are required to take 27 credit units (cu) of coursework, which are designed so students can complete them in less than two calendar years. Courses are delivered by distance learning.

Required Courses

  • NURS 812 Leadership in Nursing
  • NURS 8181 Statistical Methodologies in Nursing
  • NURS 821 Outcomes Based Research
  • NURS 824 Advanced Integrative Exercise
  • NURS 891 Concept Clarification in Advanced Nursing Practice (first course of the program)
  • NURS 990 Graduate Seminar
  • GSR 9602 University Ethics
  • Two Restricted Electives (6 cu) from the following:
    • NURS 813 Teaching in Nursing
    • NURS 814 Aboriginal Health
    • NURS 815 Advanced Forensic Nursing
    • NURS 816 Community within the Context of Diversity and Vulnerability
    • NURS 822 Advanced Issues in Nursing Education
    • NURS 823 Applied Leadership and Management in Clinical Nursing Practice
    • NURS 892 Research Methods
    • NURS 893 Qualitative Research Methods
  • Open Elective (3 cu)
    • May be any 800-level graduate course

Sample timetable for part-time and full-time students

  1. All Master students are required to take a statistics course. Registration for these courses is highly subscribed. Learn more about alternate statistics courses here.
  2. Students are required to take GSR 960 in Term 1. GSR courses are online and there is no tuition.