Cheryl Besse BScN, RN, MN, PNC(C), CCCI, CCNE Associate Professor - Academic Programming

Hope Bilinski BSN, MN, PhD Associate Dean Academic - Associate Professor

Angela Bowen RN, BSN, MEd, PhD Emeritus Professor

Linda Ferguson RN, BSN, PGD (Cont Ed.), MN, PhD Emeritus Professor

Holly Graham RN, BA, BScN, MN, PhD, R.D. Psychologist Indigenous Research Chair in Nursing - Assistant Professor

Heather Helt B.A., B.Kin., Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM) College Affairs Coordinator

Lynn Jansen BSN, MN, PhD Assistant Dean, Prince Albert & North and Assistant Professor

Gail Laing RN, BScN, MScN, PhD Emeritus Professor

Gerri Lasiuk BA (Psych) MN, PhD, RPN RN, CPMHN(C) Assistant Dean, Regina & South and Associate Professor

Janet Luimes RN(NP), MScN Assistant Professor - Academic Programming

Mary MacDonald RN, BSN, MCEd Emeritus Professor

Barbara Mathur Emeritus Professor

Maxine Newton Professional Academic Advisor and Clinical Education Coordinator

Louise Racine RN BScN(Laval), MScN(Laval), PhD(Brit.Col) Professor and Transcultural Nursing Scholar

Tracie Risling RN, BA, BSN, MN, PhD Interim Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies - Associate Professor

Joan Sawatzky RN, BSN, MCEd Emeritus Professor

Karen Semchuk RN, PhD Emeritus Professor

Barbara Smith Emeritus Professor

Rusla Anne Springer PhD(NURS)(U of C), MN(APN/Thesis)(U of C), BScN(UVic), RN, CNS Assistant Professor

Norma Stewart RN, BSN, MS, MA, PhD Emeritus Professor

Brit Tastad B.Comm, CPHR Strategic Business Advisor - Human Resources

P.S. Wagner BA, BSN, MSC, Reg. N Emeritus Professor

Wilda Watts Professional Academic Advisor & Clinical Education Coordinator

Phil Woods PhD, RPN, RMN Associate Dean Research, Innovation and Global Initiatives - Professor - On Administrative Leave (June 1, 2020 - July 1, 2021)

Karen Wright BScN, MEd, PhD Emeritus Professor