In our globalized world, there is a growing need to develop our students understanding of universal health issues. One of the best ways to instill a sense of global citizenship is an international study abroad experience. The College of Nursing currently offers study abroad experiences for students in our Post-Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing (PDBSN) program and for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students. Students are selected based on good academic standing, a letter of application, references and an interview.

International Practicum Countries

The College of Nursing is currently reviewing our study abroad program and not offering study abroad practicums at this time. Watch for an update coming in 2018.

Who Can Apply

The following students are eligible for study abroad placements:

  • 1st year PDBSN students to countries available during the winter senior practicum of the year they entered
  • 3rd year BSN students for their Year 4 senior practicum

Applications are not being accepted at this time as program is under review.