Strategic Team

The College of Nursing created a unique working group to support the College in its work towards the strategic initiatives in the College of Nursing Third Integrated Plan (IP3).  The Strategic Team was established as part of the reorganization of the college leadership structure and work of the Strategic Team is complementary to the College of Nursing Leadership Team. The team is comprised of both staff and faculty and reports directly to the Dean.

The Strategic Team takes advantage of the expertise and knowledge of employees in the college. Members gather regularly to review progress on the Third Integrated Plan and outline work required moving forward. The Strategic Team provides expertise and recommendations to the Leadership Team in areas of operations and processes specific to the goals and priorities of the integrated plan. Recommendations made by the Strategic Team take into consideration relevant best practices.

The responsibility of the Strategic Team is as follows:

  • support the advancement of the college’s vision and mission by ensuring continued development and coordination of the strategic initiatives within the Third Integrated Plan (IP3);
  • situate and operationalize relevant initiatives of the College’s IP3 within the University’s integrated plan Promise and Potential;
  • share information in a timely manner, both internally and externally, about the progress on achieving the strategic initiatives within the IP3;
  • contribute to the shared understanding of strategic directions within the College;
  • collaborate with the Leadership Team to operationalize the strategic directions of the College;
  • review significant environmental changes in post-secondary and healthcare systems to identify new opportunities, potential risks and emerging trends;
  • assess operational concerns/suggestions, identify solutions and provide feedback in a timely manner;
  • lead quality improvement initiatives to create logical and innovative workflow designs that improve operational processes within the college (process mapping); and
  • ensure strategic objectives are reflected in financial planning and resource allocation for the college.

For more information on the College of Nursing Strategic Team, please contact the Director of Operations and Strategic Planning.