Community Engagement

Welcome! Tanisi! Edlanet’e! Doken ya un! Token ya un! Anin Sikwa!

The College of Nursing, with sites in Treaties 4, 6 and 10, and the Métis homeland, is working with Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal communities to build local nursing capacity and generate knowledge through research. We are striving to lead change in the way health care is currently delivered to contribute to the improved health and well-being of Aboriginal families in our province.

We are proud of our University of Saskatchewan Community of Aboriginal Nursing (UCAN) program, an Aboriginal student support service formerly known as the Native Access Program to Nursing (NAPN), that has helped the College graduate more Aboriginal nurses since its inception in 1984 than any other program in Canada. Currently, our UCAN advisors provide support to nearly 200 Aboriginal nursing students across the province. They also help anyone considering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to successfully navigate a Pathway into the College and out into the workforce, to start their career as a Registered Nurse.

Through our Learn Where You Live approach, the college has implemented a distance learning program, where we have adopted leading-edge Remote Presence (RP) technologies. The use of RP allows us to provide our students with access to highly qualified faculty, regardless of where in the province they are learning. RP allows for real-time, interactive medical care between two places, such as a patient and a nurse in Pelican Narrows, and a doctor in Saskatoon. Ensuring our Aboriginal students are immersed in this technology during their education will empower them to become leaders when they begin to practice.

The College of Nursing continues to prioritize its efforts to engage with Aboriginal students, health professionals, stakeholders and communities to build a culturally safe educational environment and a culturally competent nursing workforce for the province of Saskatchewan.